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Dashcam Installation: Protect Yourself Right

Many of us don’t decide it’s the right time to install a dascam until after a crime or an accident–in other words, when it’s too late. With James Briggs VBS, we provide dashcam installation in Bedfordshire by experienced technicians to guarantee your safety and security.

Catch thieves in the act

Deter theft

Provide peace of mind

Document events leading up to a crash

Reduce the difficulty of insurance claims

Security is our focus at James Briggs VBS, and one of the simplest ways to bolster your vehicle’s security is adding a high-quality, properly installed dashcam. For expert vehicle security solutions, get in touch with us today for complete satisfaction and to improve your vehicles safety.

Dashcams can:

Our Service: Complete Security & Bodywork

Our goal is to care for your vehicle. We can provide machine polishing and paint correction in the case of damage, and a comprehensive vehicle security service–providing Ghost immobilisers and dashcam installation. With our solutions, you can stop thieves in their tracks and even completely deter them in the first place.


Dashcams: Added Security


With our Ghost immobilisers, any thief that does get into your vehicle is going nowhere. By adding the security of dashcam installation from us in Bedfordshire, you can document everything that leads up to the event of the attempted theft and aid in identification.  Whether night or day, dashcams can function as CCTV cameras that can be left recording when the car is parked.

Documenting Accidents: Added Dashcam Advantages

Of course, the advantages of dashcams go far beyond security. For most, the added security is a bonus on top of its advantages for protecting you in the event of an accident. Dashcams will document crashes and other accidents so that you always have an accurate record of what has happened. Insurance claims can be complex matters when witness testimony is all that can be relied upon. Protect yourself with dashcams in Bedfordshire.


Get In Touch

For professional dashcam installation in Bedfordshire, get in touch today to find out more. We can provide a quick and accurate quote for your vehicle to protect you against theft and vandalism, and cover your side of the story in the case of accidents–don’t leave it until it’s too late.

Call: 07808202351 or, email:

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